8 Weeks

Welcome! My name is Jennifer and I am pregnant with my fourth child.  Two months ago, I pledged to eat a Paleo diet.  One month ago, I found out I was pregnant!

I had been researching the Paleo plan for quite some time.  Before pregnancy, I began cutting out sugar, bread products, high-sugar fruit, and any processed food.

After discovering this surprise pregnancy, I wondered: would it be safe for me and my baby to eat this way for the remainder of my pregnancy? Would it be healthy? Could I even stick to the rules?

My research shows that the eating plan is safe.  And I thought if there is any time in my life to feed my body the most nutritious foods possible, pregnancy is it.  So I begin this blog.  If you are like me, you are interested in the details of pregnancy, weight gain, food, and health.  So that is what I will be writing about.

Week 8:

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 167

BMI: 23 (Normal)

After gaining and losing 45 pounds three times in the last 5 years, I am very interested in seeing how eating a nutrient-dense, processed-food-free diet will affect my pregnancy weight gain, energy levels, numb hands, and postpartum insomnia.

If you are here, you are probably interested in or committed to the Paleo diet.  However, if you need a primer, the best one I know of is found here.

What do I eat? For breakfast, I have three eggs fried in butter or coconut oil.  I also eat half of an avocado and one whole small tomato grown from a friend’s garden.

For lunch, I generally eat chicken, vegetables, and a small bowl of blueberries.

I snack on chicken sausage, almonds, carrots, or berries.

Dinner varies.  I usually make a large protein source, like a whole chicken or tri-tip.  I always make a huge green salad, and I will make an extra vegetable like green beans or broccoli.  For my husband and children, I include brown rice or homemade bread.

I am feeling quite nauseous these days, all day long.  I made 2 quarts of lemonade, using 2.5 cups of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, 12 cups of water, and plenty of stevia.  The sweet tanginess of the cold lemonade seems to help the sickness.








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